Writer, activist and ECCHR Advisory Board member Priya Basil sits down with ECCHR General Secretary Wolfgang Kaleck to talk about legacies of colonial and postcolonial injustice and German memory culture. They reflect on the questions: what kinds of power can we find in plurality? Which historical narratives do we give due consideration to? And what are the necessary processes of “sustained unlearning” in the decolonization of knowledge?

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Priya Basil is a writer and activist. She’s published books of fiction and non-fiction, plus numerous essays for various publications, including Lettre International, DIE ZEIT and The Guardian. Her film-essay Locked In and Out explores questions around citizenship, coloniality and memory culture; it premiered in December 2020 at the digital opening of the Humboldt Forum in Berlin. Her latest book In Us and Now, Becoming Feminist (Suhrkamp 2021) is another hybrid text that blends the personal and political.